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  • I didn't realize there are some cool videos and audios in the store here. I went down the Ecuador and Peru coast last month really wish I had downloaded them then. Durnit.
    profile 359 days ago
  • Hi Angenilica, I'm in Bogotá now, And the weather is kind of nice.... not really cool and sometimes sunny. So I believe It's perfect for you.
    profile 423 days ago
  • Hi everybody, I'll arrive to Bogotá in a few week and I'm interesting in know how is the weather by that time, could someone help me?
    profile 425 days ago
  • Paola es muy fácil si usas el motor de búsqueda de AndesTransit, el tiempo de duración de ese recorrido es de aproximadamente 10.3 horas, la distancia que vas a recorres es de 507 km, los horarios y las compañias son variados porque realizando esa búsqueda obtube 29 resultados diferentes.
    profile 439 days ago
  • Hola, actualmente estoy en Bogotá necesito información para viajar a Medellín, cuánto puede durar el viaje y esas cosas. Gracias! :D
    profile 439 days ago
  • Hello Luz, If you want to save some money I recommend you Hospedaje Santa Isabel, If you don't have any problem with the money some good options can be; pirwa, the point, parihuana, loki... Find it in Google and select the better option for you.
    profile 471 days ago
  • Hi!!! I'm so happy because the next month I'll go to Cusco, could someone recommend me a good hostel?
    profile 472 days ago
  • sean
    Montañita is the main party town on the coast and good surfing. But it's also getting pretty filthy and noisy, so if you're looking for some place more quiet, Ayampe just to the north of Montañita is fantastic, great beach, great surf, and no crowds, just paradise. To get there, search for routes on andestransit search (above) from Guayaquill to Puerto Lopez.
    profile 483 days ago
  • Can someone tell me a really good beach in Ecuador, I'm planning to go there but I'm not sure about a great beach. Thanks!
    profile 484 days ago
  • Hola Camilo.... Yo te recomendaría las playas de Santa Marta, podrías ir al Parque Tayrona, tiene playas espectaculares, con arena muy blanca, agua cristalina y unas vistas inigualables, por el contrario no he escuchado muy buenas referencias acerca de Cartagena.
    profile 497 days ago
  • Hola a todos, una pregunta, voy a viajar a Colombia y tengo los lugares opcionados pero no se cuál seleccionar, cuáles playas son mejores las de Santa Marta o las de Cartagena?
    profile 497 days ago
  • Perfect, I think that I'll check for the price of both options and then I'll choose the better, thanks a lot for your suggestions.
    profile 502 days ago
  • Marce and Luz... I'm a big fan of Canopy, I know the place which Luz is talking about, but I have other better for you... The place is Baños, It's southeast of Ambato, basically I recommend this place because offers you: private transport, professional guides, all equipment for Canopy, travel Insurance... And you do a lot of different extreme sports.
    profile 502 days ago
  • Hi Marce, I know a place to do Canopy, it's located on Mindo, It's not expensive and the landscape that you'll view is spectacular.
    profile 502 days ago
  • HI people! I need something... I really wanna do canopy, but I don't know, what's the best place in Ecuador to practice this sport?.
    profile 502 days ago
  • Joako, I have a recommendation for you, why don't you go to the Biological Reserve Bilsa? believe me, is absolutly beutiful, there is an enormous biodiversity, You will not want to ever leave of there!
    profile 502 days ago
  • En realidad son bastante cómodos, además de la vista en carretera que nos ofrecen, viajar en bus es la única verdadera manera de conocer el lugar por donde vayas. El servicio también es muy bueno puedes planear tu ruta y seleccionar la hora y día que mejor vaya con tu itinerario. Espero haberte ayudado.
    profile 502 days ago